{Product Review} Milkin’ Cookies

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Back in April, Milkin’ Cookies sent me a bunch of cookies to give out at the Saratoga Baby Expo at my table. So many moms raved about them!! I may have snuck a few myself even though I’m not nursing. They were slightly moist and they didn’t crumble into a million pieces. Yum! Let’s back up a minute, so Milkin’ … Read More

{Product Review} The Spbang

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Made in the USA FREE of BPA, Phthalates, and lead Mom-Invented and food safe… When it comes to a product, these are definitely things I want to hear! Welcome to the spbang,  a really unique, reusable snack bag. So I have been using my spbang since April. It was sent to me to be a part of my Hot Products … Read More

{Product Review} Swim Zip

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So back before the Shark Tank craze happened to SwimZip I had come across them in a networking group that I’m in. I loved the owner Betsy’s story about why she started SwimZip. Betsy had been diagnosed with skin cancer at age 26. She decided to leave her corporate job and pursue this passion for sun protection swimwear. So when … Read More

{Product Review} Solly Baby Wrap

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I have always been in love with the Solly Baby wraps ever since I saw them a few years ago. They are just so vibrant in color and style. They have a nice stretch to them and they’re incredibly soft, thanks to the fact that they’re made out of Micro-Bamboo viscose and MicroModal. The fabrics are also made exclusively in … Read More

Camping With A Baby 101

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So my husband and I love to go camping! I wanted to make a quick product guide for all of you to make camping with a baby easier!! Enjoy! 1. Ciao Baby portable high chair, $67.99, www.ThePortableHighChair.com 2. Snoozeshade play yard cover, $99.99, www.SnoozeShadeUSA.com 3. Broody Chicks Bug Be Gone lotion, www.BroodyChick.com 4. Goddess Garden organic baby sunscreen, $18, locally … Read More

The Moccasins of My Dreams…

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So when I was pregnant I wanted a girl so badly. The little girl I nannied for I had watched since she was 3 months old, and getting her dressed some morning was seriously one of the most fun parts of the job. Who doesn’t love to dress up a tiny person?? So I was thrilled to find out I … Read More

{Product Review} Two Sparrows

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It’s kinda funny. On Facebook I follow every baby company you can imagine. On Twitter I follow all the baby brands and a lot of bloggers. But on Instagram I follow a lot of crafters (along with baby brands and some personal friends). I guess Instagram is just so visual it’s really a great place to follow the creative types. … Read More