Naptime Happy Hour Chat: Daylight Savings Time Tips and Tricks


This Sunday coming up is Daylight Savings Time! Those clocks are springing ahead an hour! In this mini-class I’ll be giving some tips and tricks for how to adjust your child easily to the new hours and talking about some issues that are common around this time change.

Naptime Happy Hour Chat: 3 Year Olds Stink at Sleep

ilissaSleep, Toddler Needs

Is your preschooler driving you nuts with their sleep?? It’s not just your kid, it was mine, too! In this mini class I’ll be talking about why that can happen, how naps can mess you up, what their ideal bedtime is and how to deal with the electronis.

Naptime Happy Hour Chat: Sleep Schedules


Have people been telling you that if you’re child is on a sleep schedule it can set you up for disaster? In this mini class I’ll be talking about why that simply isn’t true, the science behind why your child’s body craves a sleep schedule, what happens when they’re missing one, and their sleep bank (aka: how to adjust their … Read More

The Best Holiday Cards from Minted

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It’s back! Here’s my annual holiday card round up of my favorite picks from I’ve been ordering our Christmas cards from Minted now for, I think, the past 5 years. I am totally in love with them. We’ve done the foil pressed cards (gorgeous!!), regular cards, cards with envelopes that are printed and beautiful, envelopes with the Skinnywrap labels. … Read More