Should My Baby Sleep With a Light On?


You’ve heard about keeping your baby sleeping in a bright space to make sure they know it’s daytime sleep vs night sleep right? Well scrap that right out of your mind. That is a horrible idea. Light levels help to regulate your child’s sleep hormones. When it’s dark they are able to get into a nice deep, restorative sleep. So … Read More

Newborn Sleep Tips and Tricks


That tiny little blob of squishy cuteness has wiggled its way into your heart. But how do you get that newborn to sleep?  Well sometimes you have to pull out the big guns. Here’s some easy tips and tricks to get that newborn to sleep. If you’re looking for more info regarding the time line of newborn sleep and how … Read More

No Audience, No Show

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I frequently get asked about toddler sleep. I often hear, “My child has been an amazing sleeper their entire life, and now we are a mess. What happened? How do I change this?” My answer is almost always, “No audience, no show.” It’s the key for the toddler to preschooler age group. Basically it means for you to take a … Read More

Naptime Happy Hour Chat: Sleep Environments


Did you know something as simple as black out curtains can make a HUGE difference in the quality of sleep your baby or child (or even you) gets? In this mini-class I’ll be giving some tips and tricks for how to make sure your child’s sleep enviroment is optimized for sleep. I’ll tell you all about some of my favorite … Read More

Release the Mom Guilt!

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Picture it, I was at Target the day before The Petite Retreat last October. I was there to pick up a birthday present for a party starting in less than an hour (which I still had to run it back to my house to get it to my daughter to bring to the party that her grandma was bringing her … Read More

Daylight Savings Time: How to Adjust Your Baby or Toddler’s Sleep

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This Sunday, March 12th, is the beginning of Daylight Savings Time where we will be springing forward an hour.  For all of us parents this means that the babies and kiddos will be very confused and waking up later, which can really mess with their naps and bedtime sleep schedule. Here’s a quick summary of how to adjust your child’s sleeping gradually before … Read More

Naptime Happy Hour Chat: Daylight Savings Time Tips and Tricks


This Sunday coming up is Daylight Savings Time! Those clocks are springing ahead an hour! In this mini-class I’ll be giving some tips and tricks for how to adjust your child easily to the new hours and talking about some issues that are common around this time change.

Naptime Happy Hour Chat: 3 Year Olds Stink at Sleep

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Is your preschooler driving you nuts with their sleep?? It’s not just your kid, it was mine, too! In this mini class I’ll be talking about why that can happen, how naps can mess you up, what their ideal bedtime is and how to deal with the electronis.

Naptime Happy Hour Chat: Sleep Schedules


Have people been telling you that if you’re child is on a sleep schedule it can set you up for disaster? In this mini class I’ll be talking about why that simply isn’t true, the science behind why your child’s body craves a sleep schedule, what happens when they’re missing one, and their sleep bank (aka: how to adjust their … Read More