I see you there. Completely exhausted and just having no idea what to do next. You’ve done the googling. You’ve asked friends. You’ve tried the suggestions. It just isn’t happening.

This baby just won’t sleep. 

Enter me, Ilissa, your personal cheerleader and sleep guru. I know their tricks and I know the tricks to keep you motivated and going. I bet you didn’t know, sleep is a science, not an opinion. So what I do is I take a complete overview of your life and line it up with the sleep needs of your child’s body. Then based on that plan I keep you motivated to implement and then we troubleshoot together (because things happen and even though it’s a science there’s no 2 kids who are the same or family situations that are exact).

Let’s get you on your way to 12hr peaceful nights and amazing naps.

Get Me Some Sleep!