Do You Like Your Kids Sleeping?

Get your sleepless friends and and prepare for a party in your crib!
  • I am a sleepless parent
  • I know other sleepless parents
  • I want my friends and I to be full of SLEEP
  • I like fun parties

Give Me All The Deets

You don’t want 300 pages coming between you and a good night’s sleep. Slumber Parties are a great way to learn a ton of info on the science of sleep, all the sleep basics, and have a ton of fun with your friends. No matter what your parenting style the info you’ll learn is universal to every human! Plus, this is a no-judgement zone, so come armed with your questions and don’t be shy!

Ready to gather your friends and host a party? So there are two types:

House Parties:
  • Up to 15 Guests, $20/each guest
  • Hostess Gets In Free!
  • It’s a 2 hour party at your house
  • You can ask me all kinds of questions
  • Must have a minimum of 6 guests & be within 30 miles of Malta, NY
  • Hostess gets a surprise gift + hostess discounts
Online Parties:
  • Up to 25 Guests, $15/each guest
  • Hostess Gets In Free!
  • It’s a 2 hour party all online
  • You can ask me all kinds of questions
  • Must have a minimum of 6 guests
  • Guests can join from around the globe

Choose Your Party

House Party!

Want to party with your friends and make it a parents night out? Make some cookies for us, pour the wine and sit back and relax!

Woot Woot!

Let's get ready to party!

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Online Party!

Have lots of busy, or across the country friends and think it's easier to gather them in front of their computers? Or if you're not local to us this is also an amazing option!


Let's do this!

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Frequently Asked Questions

During the party I promise to go over a ton of info that will make your kids really good sleepers. I can’t give you everything, but you’ll have an awesome foundation to grow on!
We are really not going to talk about the methods, other than generally. Everyone has a different style to parenting, so I’m just here to give you the science of sleep and help you make the right choices for your family.
For a house party, probably yes, just small munchies.

For an online party, please feel free to nosh on whatever you want during the chat!

Yes! All attendees will need to have a computer or tablet with internet access to join us on the party.
Nope, totally optional! There’s a handy chat box you can use to ask me questions.
For House Parties: Unfortunately I don’t offer refunds, but a guest who misses the party is welcome to email me once with their questions.

For Online Parties: A recording of the party will be sent out and if a guest knows they are going to miss the party I’m happy to take questions before the party and then chat about them during the party!