{Product Review} pediped Footwear, AKA: When Your Toddler Needs Real Shoes for Real Places

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pediped shoes

So Laney is basically just like her mother, barefoot all the time. But clearly we do have to venture out to places where shoes are necessary. Like the grocery store, the playground and out to eat. She is one active girl. I always say she is rough and tumble, my gram says she’s a toughie. She is always running places, … Read More

Newton Crib Mattress: Revolutionizing The Baby Industry

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Newton crib mattress

I am so excited for the release of this great new crib mattress. It is definitely a game changer! Meet the Newton crib mattress. Its revolutionary design is amazing! So we know that one of the contributing factors of SIDS is poor air circulation. You can read more about that here. The Newton crib mattress is completely breathable. The team … Read More