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Day Light Savings Time: A Guide to Sleep Adjusting for Babies & Kids

Coming up fast  is the end of Daylight Savings Time on November 2, where we will be falling back an hour,and all the people who aren’t parents will rejoice in unison as they will get an extra hour of sleep. For the rest of us, the babies and kiddos will be very confused as to why […]

Laney’s Faves List: A Recap In Products of the Last Year

My little Laney turned 1 last week. My oh my, where did the year go?! I wanted to put together a list of our favorite products from the past year. We used these products all the time, or they were a huge lifesaver for us at some point in the last year. Her Mr. Bear […]

{Product Review} Busy Boxes: Kids Craft & Activity Boxes

All summer long I watched a friend of mine’s two little girls on Mondays. Let’s just say that by hour 2 of Monday #1 I was out of ideas of how to keep them busy. I had just put Marlayna down for her nap when my doorbell rang. I couldn’t remember ordering anything when I […]